Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Blood Moon

I forgot all about the eclipse of the moon when I took Jacque out for an evening walk. As we walked through a local woodland and came to a gap in the canopy this is what we saw. Luckily I always carry my camera and this was the result. I decided not to sit up for half the night for pictures of the actual eclipse so I settled for the 'blood moon'.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Animals on my patch.

I was sitting in the car the other day watching some goldfinches when in my rear view mirror I saw what appeared to be a leaf blowing down the road. There was no wind and this leaf seemed to be travelling uphill. I forgot about the goldfinches and turned my camera onto this leaf. To my surprise it was a shrew, I have seen them before but never running down the middle of the road. It fell over once or twice and looked dazed. I can only imagine that it had been stunned in some way and wasn't sure what time of the day it was.

My new patch seems to be paying off. This evening I spent an hour looking around and sighted buzzard, barn owl, little owl none close enough for my camera. Out of the woods about 400metres away came this pair of  fallow deer.

I watched them for some minutes as they came closer. They appear to be mum and son. They soon spotted me and disappeared back into the woods.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Preparing for the Rut

Whose that doing all the mud slinging?

Putting his make-up on thinking its going to attract a lady.

Far too much, he will have to take some of that off before he comes near me.

I suppose I'd better do as the lady says.

Hows that? I think this is my best side.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Red kites in Sussex

There has been a lot of publicity on the return of raptors (specially kites) to West Sussex. As various problems have curtailed my photography for some time I have not been roaming my local country-side for some time.

So to get myself back in the groove here are some of my favourite shots of true Welsh red kites

As I have not been to Wales for a couple of years some of my readers may have seen them before.

Most of these shots were taken in the Cambrian mountains around the Cymystwth valley.

I am afraid age has caught up with me and it is no longer possible for me to climb to such dizzy heights. Nevertheless I shall see what I can get closer to home.

Sunday, 5 July 2015


With the forthcoming episode of the badger cull  about to start, if it hasn't already, here are a few recent shots (I use that word loosely) of badgers.

A beautiful animal captured frequently in childrens stories.

It is a clean animal that uses latrines away from the sett. It changes its bedding often and even airs used bedding to keep it fresh. It will remove dead animals from the sett and bury them in another spot.

When will the government see sense and listen to the scientists and wild life experts. Its far cheaper to vaccinate and more affective.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Hedgehogs again

I am afraid I havn't travelled much further with a camera than my garden for quite some time now. Jacque, my partner had suffered for more than twenty years with a liver complaint, she had two massive heart attacks last year and last week had kidney removed so you can see that I havn't had much time for my photography.

Having this little fellow visiting my garden every evening, sometimes with his ladyfriend has given me something to occupy my mind.

I call this one 'Romeo and Juliet' she is the one on the balcony, er! brick.

This is my local fox captured on my trail camera at 0530hrs while I was tucked up in bed. The camera is set between the palings of the fence and he must have spotted the tiny red light on the front.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


 With all the hype on the media lately about the demise of the hedgehog I decided to do my little bit for them. This is Harry who has now become a frequent visitor to my garden. I leave a few titbits for him every evening and he rarely misses his evening patrol of the premises.

He thoroughly enjoys rock climbing on the rockery surrounding the pond.

He has to earn his keep, here he is moving the brick nearer to the pond for me.

After all that work he deserves a drink.

Rain or shine he never fails to turn up for work

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Two's company

Harry really has found himself a friend. After a few squabbles when they first met they have settled down to enjoy each others company.

Harry is on the right the female is on the left. I'm yet to think of a name for her.

Sharing a meal together. Still very much restricted in my movements its great to have the wildlife visit me in my garden rather than wandering round the countryside looking for it. This last picture they were less than a metre from my patio door.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Hedgehogs galore

Harry turned up for his evening meal as usual last night and tucked into the meal worms.

While he was eating down the path came a young lady.

Approaching nervously.

Greetings over, she joined him for dinner.

Monday, 11 May 2015


Being temporally limited in my movements I am spending more time elsewhere so visiting a good haunt of mine in the hope of seeing some owls when I spotted this pair of red fox. Obviously more than just good friends I watched them for a while.

She left and on leaving she smacked him on the head with her tail, which by the stupid look on his face he thoroughly enjoyed.

He seemed to get fed-up very quickly on his own and yawned frequently.

I think he knew I was watching but couldn't spot me in the undergrowth.

I moved slowly away and tried to get round behind him but his eyes followed me. So having got plenty of pictures I left him to enjoy the evening.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Harry's back

Harry's back and has found a friend. Other than a couple of fleeting glimpses of him at Christmas nothing has been seen of him since last October. I knew he was around but with no sightings until last night when he appeared. Jacque and I spent a good half an hour snapping him getting quite excited running round the garden. He cleared up the meal worms so I put a second helping out.

These he devoured quite quickly as though he hadn't eaten for days which raised my suspicions. During the evening I had also set up a infra-red video which showed that in fact I have two hedgehogs in the garden and the fuss that Harry was making it looked as though they had just met. I haven't yet worked out a way of putting the video on my blog . I shall see what tonight brings.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A spring walk

Another nice warm spring day, not much around so I spent a bit of time playing hide and seek with a
bank vole, I'm not sure who won.
 The next act was a nuthatch who gave a demonstration of walking upside down and standing on its head.
 The heron was in a bit of a daydream and just stared into the water waiting for something to happen.
Perhaps he had seen this one and was dreaming of a fish supper.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Fox and barn owl

Until things get sorted at Warnham I decided to see how things are at a favourite haunt of mine.
Always busy with dog walkers but there is a nice atmosphere about the place and people are friendly
and most of all polite. While I was watching the box for the barn owl to emerge as usual the fox was watching me.
I hadn't seen the barn owl for more than a week so tonight I left it late to visit. The sun was just
dipping behind the hill and the light was fading. It appeared, had a look round, saw me and vanished
back into the box. Still don't know whether its male or female and if it is breeding or just roosting.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Fox meets cat

 Most nights I put out one of my infra-red cameras just to see what goes on in the garden while we
sleep. A lot of people local to us turn their cats out at night which usually end up in our garden to
see what we've got to offer. I thought that the presence of a fox would deter the cats. I was so
wrong  after what the camera showed last night. The camera lens makes the cat look bigger than
the fox but I can assure you the fox is at least four times the size.

To my amazement the fox left to enable cat to nibble the dog biscuits that I had put out.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Barn owl returns?

I have been walking around an old haunt of mine when I spotted this barn owl which after a couple
of visits appears to have taken up residence. Its a couple of years since this box was occupied and
I don't think it is the return of the original bird but I am keeping my eye on it to see the outcome. It
could mean I shall be flooding my blog with barn owl pictures over the coming months.
Whilst trying to keep a low profile as I watched the barn owl I spotted this fox doing the same to me.

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