Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What a Christmas present?

Reed Bunting


After 5 months of hobbling everywhere on crutches, every step being painful not being able to walk
more than 20 metres, the hospital not being able to do much, suddenly a couple of days before
Christmas the pain disappeared, I could stand up straight and walk without a crutch. If any readers
have had sciatica they will know just what I mean. I felt like a new man and it took 20 years off my
age. So I celebrated by going for long walks and photographing everything in sight. Here are a couple
of shots that I took at Warnham LNR when the crowds would let me.
To top it all the hedgehog was caught on one of my infra-red cameras on Christmas morning.
Happy New Year to you all.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Barn Owl

Not being able to get out much I have been spending a lot of time sitting at my computer sorting files
and generally tidying up. I spent a couple of years photographing this barn owl ending with loads of
pictures that have never been seen. This is the male and during this time he had several mates losing
two of them, one to a fox.
Barn owl tend to be more active at dusk so making photography difficult. The field that hunted on was
open and on clear evenings the sun low in the sky made for some exciting views.
 Many people used to watch him in the evenings which he soon got used to and would fly past quite close.
 He would hover while hunting in the long grass just a matter of a few metre's away.
After losing his mate feeding five youngsters was a bit of a handful so he often was seen quartering
the field quite early in the afternoon.

Mike Attwood - Photographer

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Evacuated during the second world war to a village in Yorkshire where I lived in the home of a good photographer for more than five years who taught me the basics and a great deal about nature. Well past retirement age I have been a wildlife photographer for more than 30 years. Red Kites have been my speciality for much of this period. I did spend several years snapping wheelchair athletes and organizing the British Road Race Championship. In the year 2000 I was awarded a distinction by the Royal Photographic Society for my portfolio on wheelchair athletes. Most of my pics are digital, using Sony cameras and Sigma lenses. I used to spend many weeks each year with friends in Wales which is close to the Elan Valleys where I got many of my raptor pics. I now get these pictures more closely to home, specially red kites and peregrines. I support my pension by selling my pics, cards, coasters, fridge magnets and key rings etc. at craft fairs, something I wish I had done much earlier in life. I give illustrated talks to clubs and societies on wildlife and other branches of photography that I have been involved in.